Player Characters

14 year old Dee is a relative newcomer to Marsh Haven. He has been sent by his parents, from Brooklyn to live with his Uncle, Thomas ‘Tommy’ Higgins.

Like many Americans, Dee’s family have an immigrant background. His grandmother (mothers side) was originally from England and His father’s roots stem from Italy.

His mother is a dry cleaner and his father is a low level mob enforcer, currently serving time in Sing Sing.

Life in Marsh Haven is not always easy for Dee. He struggles with English culture and recent revelations that magic is real have left him very confused. That said, he has an inquisitive nature and is determined to get to the bottom of any mystery thrown at him.

13 year old Sally is not the most socially adept of kids. But where she lacks in social skills, she makes up with boundless positivity and enthusiasm. Surprising given her current situation.

Despite her ability to see the good in most things, Sally’s life is not easy. Her father works in Plimptons Biscuit Factory and spends very little time with his daughter. She has few friends at school (one less now that Neil has mysteriously disappeared) and to make matters worse she now has a dog talking inside her head!

Sally has latched onto Dee – seeing him as an exotic new person in her life. Dee has grudgingly accepted her company but Sally now thinks they are best friends.

She is very curious about some of the stranger things that are going on in Marsh Haven, but when all is said and done she’d choose a nice jam sandwich over a Zambie any day!