Locations of Note

Anna Kingsford Comprehensive

Kingsford Comp was opened in 1966. It is typical of the popular Brutalist movement of architecture.

The school replaced Anna Kingsford school for young ladies. Which was destroyed during world war II.

Author note: This is a real school in London.
Although the building has changed over time, Pimlico Academy still retains many of its original, beautiful features.

Henderson Warehouse Complex

Where our story began. Henderson’s warehouses were built during the industrial revolution. Marsh Haven was once the country’s top supplier of paper to all the major broadsheets. Much of the stock was kept in Henderson’s.

Over the years, the buildings fell into disrepair and in 1974 were demolished. The land was purchased by Mondocorp™ who are currently building a new commercial centre for the town – The Phoenix Plaza.

Marsh Haven Civic Hall

The Civic Hall was built in 1933 and bears all the hallmarks of a once great modern-style building that could with a little TLC.

The hall is home to Marsh Haven Town council. Furthermore, the auditorium is used for concerts and numerous offices have been leased to local businesses.

Most notably, the hall houses the Marsh Exhibition. A permenent feature that tells the history of Marsh Haven. Additionally, the exhibition’s highlight is ‘The Marsh Mummy’. A perfectly preserved peat mummy discovered in the local marshes. Recently, the exhibit was given a generous donation from the Spruce Foundation. The Marsh Exhibition will soon be moved to its own space in the Phoenix Plaza.

Author note: In reality this is Daggenham civic centre. A building far more well cared for than the hall of our world.